I spent last Saturday at the Comptoir General unloading boxes of the last of summer’s tomatoes and the first of fall’s harvest: bundles of swiss chard, carrots, yellow onions, wrinkled savoy and bright purple cabbages, potatoes, herbs, apples, and pears.  We carried jars of ratatouille, home-made tomato sauce and brown paper sacks filled with […]


The Best Baguette in Paris 2011

by phyllisflick on May 3, 2011

Today marked the 18th “Grand Prix de la Baguette de Tradition Française de la Ville de Paris”, the annual competition to select the best baguette in Paris.  Every year a panel of judges—mostly bakers and a few food celebrities—gather on the Ile Saint Louis to deliberate over who makes the best baguette in Paris, not […]


Eating Local in Paris

by phyllisflick on March 16, 2011

People ask if my eating habits have changed since moving to France, assuming that Americans live off processed junk and shop in giant supermarkets.  Thankfully my upbringing was nothing like that and not all that different from how I eat in France. My mother worked full time, but managed to make a home-cooked dinner for […]


Olivier Roellinger’s Spice Shop Opens in Paris

by phyllisflick on December 20, 2010

I was craving udon soup this weekend and headed towards one of my favourite noodle places on rue Sainte Anne, a street where you’ll find a plethora of restaurants serving ramen and other noodle dishes.  After lunch, as I headed north on rue Sainte-Anne, I discovered that in addition to Japanese noodle bars and grocers […]


Buying Local Vegetables in Paris from Terroirs d’Avenir

by phyllisflick on September 24, 2010

Alexandre Drouard and Samuel Nahon of Terroirs d’Avenir, are back selling their beautiful local vegetables, this time in front of my favorite neighborhood bakery-Du Pain et Des Ideés, who makes one of the best baguettes in Paris. Terroirs d’Avenir is a Paris- based company which sources artisan products in France–often local and hard to find.  Normally they […]


French Fast Food, Michel Bras Style

by phyllisflick on August 19, 2010

It’s August, which means like most Parisians I’m en vacances and writing from the sunny Côte Vermeille along the Mediterranean. When I first arrived in France, I felt no need to flee the city in the summer months, however, I soon tired of explaining to literally everyone—from the bus driver to the baker—that no, I […]


Asafumi Yamashita’s Three Star Vegetables

by phyllisflick on July 14, 2010

I’ve wanted to go to Le Kolo, Asafumi Yamashita’s vegetable garden and table d’hôte, located about 45 minutes from Paris in the Yvelines, ever since I read about it in Wasabi, sometime last year.  For someone who goes out of their way to find interesting local products, Yamashita’s garden sounded fascinating. He grows remarkable Japanese […]

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Mary, Authentic Italian Ice Cream in Paris

by phyllisflick on June 16, 2010

I never intended to write about ice cream.  As summer approaches, everyone writes about ice cream in Paris, but aside from Grom, the Italian gelato maker who moved on to the rue de Seine earlier this year, the ice cream scene hasn’t changed all that much in years.  With nothing new to add, I didn’t feel very inspired. That is, […]


Yogurt Bars Are Popping Up in Paris

by phyllisflick on June 6, 2010

It seems that yogurt bars are becoming quite trendy in Paris with a newly opened yogurt bar in Saint Germain and pop-up yogurt bars appearing at both Colette and the Bon Marché just in time for summer. It Mylk, a cute boutique recently opened by two young fashionistas on the rue de l’Ancienne Comédie, serves […]

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Photo Credit: Esteban Cavrico Exceptional cooking requires outstanding products and even in a city like Paris where markets abound, they are not always easy to find. Even worse, the products often used in three-star kitchens like Le Meurice and Astrance are just not available to the public. Luckily this weekend, you have the chance to […]