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Gyoza Bar–Japanese Dumplings in Paris

by phyllisflick on January 29, 2012

I am a big fan of gyoza, those crescent-shaped pan-fried Japanese dumplings, and would be happy to make a meal of them, if I could manage to do so without seeming like a glutton. Guillaume Guedj and Shinichi Sato have solved this dilemma with the newly opened Gyoza Bar located a few doors down from Passage […]


Like most American Expats in Paris, there are times when I crave things you can only get back home. BBQ, buffalo wings, a corn beef special, and a great burger all come to mind. You can get burgers in Paris of course and will find them on just about every menu, but they’re usually average […]


Urfa Dürüm, Kurdish Sandwiches in Paris

by phyllisflick on June 13, 2010

Sometimes you find a little bit of happiness in the strangest of places and yesterday I found my happiness on the rue du Faubourg Saint Denis, at Urfa Dürüm, a tiny hole in the wall serving marvellous sandwiches. To be honest, I wasn’t exactly charmed by my first encounter with this neighbourhood when I arrived […]