Le Fooding’s Cambuse Effervescente

by phyllisflick on October 26, 2011

The 2012 edition of Le Fooding Guide appears in newsstands on November 17th, and will list 900 of their favorite addresses, 450 of which are in Paris.  It will also include the 11 winners of this year’s Prix Fooding for best chef, best bistro, best kept secret, amongst others, which will be announced on Monday […]


Atelier Guy Martin, Cooking Classes in Paris

by phyllisflick on October 17, 2010

Cooking has become very popular in Paris in the past few years and the number of classes has increased tenfold since I’ve been here, leaving a dizzying number of courses to choose from.  I’ve taken several classes and love to cook, so when invited to attend a cooking class at Guy Martin’s Atelier with a […]

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Le Fooding celebrates their 10th anniversary this October with an incredible lineup of 18 of Paris’s best chefs who will take turns cooking for 72 hours non-stop in homage to ‘La Marmite Perpetuelle” —the continuously bubbling pot— a reference to Madame De Marme’s 18th century establishment on what is now the rue des Grands Augustins, […]

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Street Food Soirées in Paris II: 5 July at Batofar

by phyllisflick on June 9, 2010

M.I.A.M continues its summer “Street Food Soirées“, where some of Paris’s most renowned chefs serve up their renditions of “la cuisine de la rue”. The next soirée has been announced for the 5th of July and the theme this time around is Fish and Chips, the beloved British take-away dish which incidently turns 150 years […]


Yogurt Bars Are Popping Up in Paris

by phyllisflick on June 6, 2010

It seems that yogurt bars are becoming quite trendy in Paris with a newly opened yogurt bar in Saint Germain and pop-up yogurt bars appearing at both Colette and the Bon Marché just in time for summer. It Mylk, a cute boutique recently opened by two young fashionistas on the rue de l’Ancienne Comédie, serves […]

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Omnivore in NYC, 4-5 June 2010

by phyllisflick on May 30, 2010

For those of you who didn’t get into Frenchie on your last Paris trip, you might be able try Gregory Marchand’s cooking this coming weekend as Omnivore is bringing a team of young, talented French chefs to New York for two nights of cooking, master classes and a street party on 4-5 June. Gregory Marchand […]


Rendez Vous Gourmands, 27-30 May 2010

by phyllisflick on May 28, 2010

Last year, just before Christmas, a colleague asked me to join her at a tasting at the nearby Byzance,  the Boulogne Bilancourt  branch of the company that also brings us Bellota Bellota in the 7th and Jaburgo  Iberico  Co in the 8th.  I happily went having no idea what to expect and was certainly glad […]


Street Food Soirées in Paris

by phyllisflick on May 19, 2010

Drawing by Philippe Neumager M.I.A.M, a free urban magazine, is organising a series of “Street Food” soirées all throughout the summer with some of Paris’s most renowned chefs serving their renditions of “la cuisine de la rue”.  The first will be held on June 1st and will be dedicated to that all-American classic—the Burger. Three-star […]


A Unique Monday Night Dining Experience in Paris

by phyllisflick on May 16, 2010

Catch budding stars of the food world, one Monday night a month in Paris, at Les Lundis de Fulgurances, a unique concept created by Sophie Cornibert and Hugo Hivernat, which invites the second in command of the world’s top restaurants to break out on their own and create their own cuisine for 50 guests in […]


La Fête du Pain

by phyllisflick on May 12, 2010

This week marks the 15th Fête du Pain in France with events being held throughout the country.  One of the highlights will take place Saturday, May 15th when the city of Paris hosts the 7th “Master de la baguette de tradition française”, a competition which pits teams of master bakers from Ile de France against each […]